Eco-Spiritual Coaching

If you’re feeling disoriented, disillusioned, and dismayed about the current state of the nation (and world), you’re not alone. How do you survive these times? How do you imagine and act when grieving loss and facing adversity? What’s your own role in liberation, healing, and change now and tomorrow?

As your eco-spiritual guide, I help you open the way, reweave your life, and co-create change with courage and creative resilience. I also offer transformational walking and ritual experiences and workshops.

What Is Eco-Spiritual Coaching?

If you care about people and planet, and you’re feeling a Call to change your life, consider eco-spiritual coaching, an alternative to traditional life coaching. Eco-spiritual coaching prepares us for a new paradigm. 

As poet and Civil Rights activist Audre Lorde famously stated, “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” If we want to dismantle the kind of thinking that led us to today’s crises, we need coaching grounded in an ethics of caring. We need coaching that teaches us creative resilience. Eco-spiritual coaching honors balance and reciprocity, wholeness, connection, and solidarity.

The eco-spiritual coaching processes and tools I’ve developed deepen awareness of your embeddedness in the sacred, Living Earth. My approach draws on the wisdom of nature, the latest research in the eco-social sciences, and philosophies, metaphysics, ethics and tactics co-created by peoples to survive, envision, and generate groundswells of change even in the most restrictive of circumstances.

As a historian, social scientist, changemaker, and mystic, I help my clients liberate their minds, bodies and spirits from techniques of social control and ethics of exploitation disguised in pretty packages. I work with changemakers, border-crossers, healers, spiritual persons, social entrepreneurs, artist/creatives, progressives, and others who feel the spirit of caring. Don’t wait any longer. (Re)integrate your mind, body and spirit with the Living Earth.

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