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Corinna Moebius is the embodiment of talent, passion, compassion, boundless generosity and above all action. I have enjoyed working with her and have watched all of her community empowerment projects grow into networks of proactive communities and successful civic engagements. I look forward to continue working with her and highly recommend Corinna Moebius for any endeavor she may wish to pursue.
Evelin Ramirez-Gleasman

Community Liason, U.S. Census Bureau

Corinna, I want to say that you are really an incredible consultant. I love working on projects with you and the way you add your own creativity and intelligence to every little task. Thank you for all your work for CTCNet and the many communities you touch. You’ve done such great work on this project [Youth Visions for Stronger Neighborhoods].
John Zoltner

Senior Advisor of Technology for Development & Innovation, Save the Children

Group synthesis activities are very challenging. You just cannot pop up a PowerPoint and hope your message gets across. You need someone who can communicate to the group and to each individual, in multiple modalities.

Corinna has a deep, intuitive sense about different learning styles, interpersonal reactions to group activities, and creating space for individual co-learning and expression. She sees the forest, and each tree at the same time.

She can communicate complex material in a form that everyone understands: via word, image, sound, motion, and silence. I would never venture into a group synthesis activity without her wisdom.

Anthony Olivieri

Founder/Owner, FHEED, LLC (Food for Health, the Environment, the Economy & Democracy)

Corinna and I instantly bonded when we first met. She is smart, has good written and communication skills, enjoys linking people together, loves making a difference in our community and her contribution is greatly appreciated. She is passionate about art, knows so much about cultural diversity, embraces diversity as well and is easy to get along with. Keep up the good work Corinna!
Paola Pierre

Assistant Personnel Director, City of North Miami

Corinna is the architect of the famous “Quadrangle Strategy” that is the foundation on which ALL the rest of what we did for public involvement rests. I recall the first time Corinna sketched it out for us at HNTB’s office. It was like “Damn, that’s brilliant!” So on behalf of everybody on the project team and all the residents who will never know how they came to be informed, educated and engaged as well as they did, Corinna, “thank you for everything.”
Mencer "Don" Edwards

Founder/CEO, Justice & Sustainability Associates, LLC

We must all agree the mood and quality of our event has changed drastically and positively in the last few months! That Corinna Moebius has been our executive director during that same time is no coincidence. We are truly blessed to have someone of her stance, caliber and integrity as our director.
Luis Palomo

Film Director, Pigeon Productions

Awesome conference! Thank you, Corinna, and everyone else who worked so hard to arrange it, and pull it together the day of the event. The speakers were great, and the attendance was strong. All came together to make this a very insightful day.

I went through life in Miami for years looking for something like this, without knowing who, how, where, or what. Such a cool idea. I look forward to the next conference, and any formal or informal conversations, or workshops that may come up between here and there.

Darrill A. Gaschler

Senior Manager, Sections and Student Chapters, American Welding Society

Thank you to you for your extraordinary efforts and organization!!! The one thing that I notice very distinctively was how much more busy our Adams Morgan businesses were this year.
Maria Gomez

Executive Director, Mary's Center for Child and Maternal Health

It was great to feel such dynamic and energy among individuals with a common goal… to see Little Havana flourish and prosper. As a product of a Mom and Pop shop in little Havana I thank you for the great job you are doing with LHMA and I join in your efforts to bring back and help rediscover the gem that is La Pequeña Havana … again, thank you!
Jose M. Hernandez

Managing Partner, Plasencia, Hernandez & Guerrero

The knowledge that you shared with me will forever be of value to me no matter where I go in life. I will always remember your constant encouragement and motivation even when I thought I did not deserve it.

Once again, thank you for all of your help as I am forever grateful.

Former Student

Corinna is a bright star, and it is hard to just sum up what a valuable asset she was to our start up. She was not only effective and detailed, producing more work than her peers in less time, she produced outstanding quality day-in-and-day out. She contributed far beyond what was expected of her with ideas and insights that were always aimed at improving content and business processes. She is all that, as well as forthright and honest, the kind of person and employee you can count on at all levels, a bright star.

Jeff Morrow

Founding Partner, Career Marketing Online LLC

I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Moebius very much. She has inspired me to go back to my community and impact change. She has invigorated me in a profound way! I love her session. She is awesome!! Bring her back. Miami needs to hear her.

Asset-Based Community Development Workshop